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Efficiency Redefined: Powering Content Management with Famehype CMS
In powering Famehype’s content management system (CMS), we harnessed the robust capabilities of LoopBack 4, Remix, and Node.js to create a comprehensive solution. Our CMS empowers seamless management of products, orders, and customers, while offering a sales dashboard for insightful analytics. With a cutting-edge multitenancy feature, Famehype CMS ensures a scalable and personalized experience, making content administration a dynamic and efficient process.


Branding, Ecommerce
Beyond Transactions: Crafting Seamless Digital Storefronts with Famehype Ecommerce

For Famehype’s ecommerce venture, we embarked on a transformative journey using Remix.js and Node.js, culminating in a feature-rich ecommerce solution. Our implementation boasts full Adyen integration, providing users with a secure and streamlined payment experience. The ecommerce platform supports multilanguage and multicurrency, reflecting Famehype’s global reach and commitment to inclusivity. With a focus on user experience and flexibility, Famehype Ecommerce stands as a testament to the seamless intersection of technology and commerce.

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