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Own New

A fresh start-up project straight from London. See how we helped OwnNew make their market debut across the UK.



Our client was in need of a website that clearly communicates all of the benefits they offer. Key message: home ownership is no longer a privilege.

Our task: creating an intuitive website that works for all three of their interest groups: brokers, builders and buyers.


The perfect unity of custom design, user-friendly development and to-the-point copywriting.

Home is where the heart is and we put both our heart and soul into every project we do – and Own New was no exception. The final result stands before you: take a look and scroll away!

Pastel colors are hardly revolutionary, but it’s their right combination that hits the sweet spot. This was our basic color palette that paints the perfect picture of coziness and security!

Just to add a special touch to our web design, we transformed the classic burger menu symbol into a roof that pops up every time you click to expand the menu.

Yes, we go into the tiniest details!

State #1

State #2





A mobile-first website design

was a priority among all other requests!

At the age when most websites are accessed via smartphones, it is essential for your website to be fully adapted for this format too – ideally without sacrificing anything from the original design.

Web Development

Simple structure to keep it intuitive is extremely important, but the flow is key.

The website structure needed to accommodate different types of visitors, depending on whether they are a broker, buyer or a builder. This is why we made it so easy to navigate and find just the right sections.


After publishing their new website, Own New now receives 10+ new applications from builders, brokers and first time buyers on a daily basis!